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The company was started to help the personnel of two major health systems navigate through their financial lives. Ranging from Credit Repair to Estate Planning, the hope was to create a “one-stop-shop” that could accommodate any financially related task a client may have. And considering that Sutter Health and U.C. Davis helped Roy beat a life threatening case of brain and spinal cancer, being able to “give back” and help the staff of these hospitals was a great way to give back to the individuals and community.

While the most commonly requested services are for mortgage related transactions and credit repair, we always recommend that you have a comprehensive approach to all of life’s financial hurdles. See the list of services below, and ask yourself if you may be lacking in one or more of the categories?

Roy’s Umbrella is very philanthropic, and proudly donates as much as possible to the pediatric oncology department at U.C. Davis. We also support several other health related organizations and will always support the best possible care, and the most cutting edge treatment available. So any time a mortgage transaction closes, it is our duty to donate back!

About Roy

Initially, the company was started by Roy McGovern to offer thanks and praise to the two health systems that saved his life. Roy survived two battles with stage four brain and spinal cancer, and so he felt it necessary in his heart to give back in any way possible. While having a mortgage background for the previous 17 years, he felt as though he could begin doing mortgage transactions and then donating a portion of his personal income back to these two hospitals.

But as time passed, Roy’s Umbrella became increasingly popular not only because of the financial help and mortgage assistance offered; but also from donations Roy personally made to the pediatric cancer center. In an effort to help lighten the mood of children while they received their chemotherapy and radiation, Roy had a large mural with a jungle theme that wrapped through the walls and treatment rooms. The hope was to distract the children in a positive way while some of the kids fought for their lives. (This mural stands as a snapshot of Roy’s personality, and his willingness to help in any way possible.)

And while going through an inconceivable battle with multiple reconstructive surgeries and harrowing bouts with chemotherapy and radiation, he always wanted to start a family. And throughout all of the cynical outlooks on his long-term health, Roy truly beat the odds and became married in 2012, and then becoming the father of twin boys; Vance Eric and Benjamin Roy McGovern. His wonderful wife was a nurse at U.C. Davis and Sutter, and has become his new life coach.

Our Services

You will notice a wide variety of services available, and we urge you not to just select the service that you are needing immediately. Our recommendation is that we work on the service you need right now, but we also take a comprehensive look at your financial foundation.

Making sure the you are properly guided with the protection of insurance and estate planning is very important-----just as consolidating student loans and making sure your investments are being monitored is also important. Invest the time now and it will pay dividends in the future…


We have access to 10 different lenders that will compete for your business; we will meet and beat any current loan program that has been offered to you! You should not be paying ANY Lender fees!


UCD offers the 403b program of course, but having financial advisors that can use after-tax funds to create additional retirement gains will prove to be very effective!


Paying less is not always the best solution when it comes to filing your own taxes. Let a licensed professional help you and make CERTAIN that nothing is missed!


Typically the interest rates on these loans are low, but not the lowest possible! Let me take a look to make sure no money is being wasted!


Although your situation was frustrating that caused credit issues, we will help you move forward to establish a high rating once again!


We have screened 10 different Real Estate Agents to make sure they all have extensive experience and knowledge in this profession. Having the right agent and loan officer is critical, and feeling at-ease is priceless!


Having a properly planned estate devised by an attorney is HIGHLY recommended; regardless of age.


Although not at the top of everyone’s list, these three forms of insurance are extremely important the moment you need them!



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